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Sustainable clothing, made to order.

"We create ethically made clothing and use sustainable fabric where we can. We believe in fair trade and fair working conditions for every person involved in creating our garments." 

Our Ethos
As much as we love fashion, the industry is becoming extremely toxic and fast fashion is having a huge impact on the environment. We believe changes must be made.  We understand that it is impossible to have no carbon footprint but we can promise that we will do all we can to be responsible in our choices. Below is a list of the things we are doing to help  -
  • We make all of our garments to order. This alleviates the usual waste you get with fast fashion
  • We track the supply chain for the majority of our fabrics ensuring fair working conditions for handloom weavers
  • We try to use fabrics that use very little chemicals in the production process. The majority of our fabric is sourced from European mills which  undergo strict environmental audits. Mass chemicals used in man made fibres can have a devastating impact on the health of workers and surrounding villages so we do our due diligence where possible to ensure our fabrics are made by happy, healthy workers.
  • We make all of the garments we sell in our Oxford studio, reducing our carbon footprint
  • We recycle all fabric waste responsibly
  • We believe in slow fashion. We don't release seasonal collections and we don't discontinue popular items. We will just add and remove designs according to popularity and inspiration!
"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness" 
Mahatma Ghandi
     Emma Gallagher - Meadow + Vine
     Emma Gallagher - Bohemian clothing designer   Emma Gallagher - Bohemian clothing designer